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How to Repair USB Not Recognized in Windows – Problem of Acer Aspire 3640 Laptop

Laptop Brand and Model: Acer Aspire 3640

Problem: This laptop came in with the following complaint:

USB Not Recognized (one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message).

Diagnosis, Cause and Remedy: Every time a USB is inserted into this laptop the following error would come out: Usb Not Recognized (one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message).

One cause of this problem is that the driver for the USB controller gets corrupted. The very first thing I did was updating the driver for the USB controller. After updating the driver, the problem still exist. If the previous method, cannot solved the error, you need to repair or reinstall the Windows Operating System because sometimes the O. S. (Operating System) gets corrupted due to viruses or some other reasons. When I finished repairing the O. S., I turned on the laptop once again and unluckily the problem didn’t gone away. Thinking that the corrupted system cannot be restored by simply repairing the Operating System, the second step I did was that I reformatted this laptop hoping it can be restore. After reformatting the laptop and installing the respective drivers for the peripheral devices, still no luck, because the error was not eliminated.

I told myself “this can’t be” usually when you reformatted the Windows Operating System, all will be back to normal, but in this case it did not. I now suspect hardware problem on the laptop, So I decided to disassemble the laptop and free the motherboard from all dust, as what I’ve said on my previous articles, that the dust is also one factor which causes the motherboard electronic components to be shorted. Because when dust gets thick it will become a conductor.

After disassembling the laptop and taken out all the dust. I tested the voltage on the terminal of the USB port. The normal supply voltage for the USB port when it is working fine is 5v DC enough to power up USB devices. The voltage is just normal after I tested it, This problem is a little bit harder because I’ve already done several possible solutions that I usually used to solve this kind of problem. After doing all the previous steps and still not fixed the problem, I stopped for awhile and further analyze what’s really causes the problem.

Upon thinking, It came to my mind that what if the flow of current on the USB port that is generated by the supply voltage is already deteriorated. For your information even if the power supply voltage is just normal, say 5 volts DC, but the current (measured in amperes) is already deteriorated, still It cannot supply enough power in order to make the USB devices work. The final method I’ve made to solve this problem was that I used an external USB hub 2.0 which is inserted from one of the laptop’s USB port. After installing the USB hub 2.0 and whenever I connect any USB devices, it already works perfectly fine and the USB Not Recognized problem was completely eliminated.

Hope this article helped you get some ideas about solving USB Not Recognized problem in Windows. You can watch HD Laptop Repair Videos to see more quality laptop repair in Action

Winston Badon is a tech blogger. He likes and loves to blog about PC and latest tech gadgets such iPad devices and its accessories. He also loves to help people fix their own PC and other latest tech gadgets in order for them to save bundles of cash.

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How to Repair No Power Sharp PC-MJ720R Laptop

Problem: This laptop came in with a complaint of no power.
Laptop Brand: Sharp
Model: PC-MJ720R

Diagnosis, Cause and Remedy: The first thing I did was testing the power adaptor with a multimeter in order to verify whether the power adaptor is the one that’s causing the no power problem or not. The supply voltage indicated on the power adaptor is 19v, when I tested it, the supply voltage is just normal. Since the power adaptor is just okay, our concentration now is on the laptop itself. In order to ascertain whether the motherboard of the laptop or other peripheral devices which is connected to the laptop causes the no power problem, we have to disassemble the laptop piece by piece. After unscrewing all the laptop parts, I individually pull out each peripheral devices. After completely taking out all devices which is connected to the laptop. I now separated the motherboard in order to be tested. But first I clean out all the dust from the motherboard for this is also a one factor which causes the motherboard electronic components to be shorted. Because when dust gets thick it will become a conductor.

So you need to be aware of this, every time you disassemble a laptop motherboard you need to free the motherboard from all dust, to be sure not the dust is the element causing the motherboard’s electronic component parts to be shorted. After cleaning all the dust from the motherboard, I scan all the components to see whether there are any dry joints or not. Dry joints means loose or poor solder connections. Poor solder connections on a laptop motherboard usually occur when your laptop is already well-advanced in years. I did not find any poor solder connections on any part of the motherboard, but for contentment I just carefully resoldered all the SMD components especially on the power section.

Note: All laptops nowadays are designed on a Surface Mounted Device or SMD mode, and this is rarely have dry joints. But for satisfaction I cautiously resoldered all the SMD components particularly the SMD components near the dc power jack.

After resoldering all the sections that needs to be resoldered, I inserted the dc power plug adaptor to the dc power jack and see whether the power comes up. Unfortunately, the condition of the problem remains the same. I now tested all the electronic parts on the motherboard to find out whether there are any shorted electronic element parts which causes the no power problem. After testing all the components that could be tested merely with a multimeter, I could not find any shorted parts. The only parts that I still not checked was the dc power jack and the fuse.

The final step that I did was testing power jack from input to ground for short. When I tested it, voila! the problem found because it is really shorted. I used x1 range of my multimeter to see the fault and either way there’s a deflection. When I go on testing the fuse, I found that the fuse was also open, the rate of the fuse is 5.5 amperes and upon further inspection I found a shorted diode.

The reason why the power jack terminals were shorted is because of the shorted diode that is connected to the power jack. Replacing the diode and the fuse brings the laptop to life. Hope this article helped you get some ideas about solving laptop no power problem. Did you find this article helpful? If you did, you can watch HD Laptop Repair Videos to see more quality laptop repair in Action

Winston Badon is a tech blogger. He likes and loves to blog about PC and latest tech gadgets such iPad devices and its accessories. He also loves to help people fix their own PC and other latest tech gadgets in order for them to save bundles of cash.

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4 Tips On How To Fix Laptop Or Notebook Battery Not Charging Problem All By Yourself

In this article you will learn how to fix laptop or notebook battery charging problems. Below are a lists on the most common laptop battery failures together with it’s possible causes and solutions.

* Trouble: The laptop battery can sometimes receive charges only when the power plug is wiggled

Possible Causes and Solutions:

The battery charging failure above indicates that either the AC adapter or the laptop itself has a problem. In order to isolate the faulty one, first you need to test the AC adapter with a voltmeter. If the AC adapter has a normal output voltage, then probably the power jack of the motherboard is defective. In this case, you need to replace or just resolder the power jack of the laptop motherboard.

* Trouble: After the laptop battery arrives at vital period, it discharges very quickly

Possible Causes and Solutions:

The battery charging failure above indicates bad battery. Due to old age, laptop battery sometimes act abnormally, like for example, the symptoms above. Laptop battery manufacturers believe that a typical life span should be somewhere between 2 to 3 years. If your battery already reaches this stage, the only solution is to replaced that battery.

* Trouble: The laptop cannot detect the battery anymore!

Possible Causes and Solutions:

If you are 100 percent sure that you properly installed and positioned your laptop battery into the battery compartment of the laptop but the laptop still cannot detect your battery when you log in to Windows, the problem lies only on the two components. There are two main factor for this trouble, either the battery itself or the mainboard of the laptop is defective. To solve this, first you need to replace the battery with a working or a new one. If the error persist after you replace the old battery, then you probably have a bad motherboard. Either the battery terminal which connects the battery and mainboard is defective or the circuit driver of the laptop motherboard which controls the battery operation of the laptop. The solution is to replace the motherboard or do a component level repair on the laptop motherboard.

* Trouble: Laptop detects the battery but turns off when the power AC adapter is removed from the laptop or unplugged from the main power source.

Possible Causes and Solutions:

When you log in to Windows, you can see that your battery is detected by your laptop because it shows in the battery icon located in the system tray the remaining battery charge and the computer shows that it is charging. But when you unplug the AC adapter, the laptop turns off. The probable causes for these trouble are maybe the battery is not seated properly or the battery contacts got dirty because of some of dirt or something. If these might be the fault, try to use a toothbrush and scrub the battery terminal that connects the battery to the mainboard of the laptop and reconnect the battery and make sure that it is properly seated. If these methods doesn’t help, most likely the battery is already busted due to old age, try to replace the battery with a working or new one. If replacing the battery still doesn’t solve the issue, obviously the trouble has to do with the motherboard. Perhaps the battery charging circuit of the motherboard is damaged or not working. In this case, you’ll have to do a component level repair on the motherboard or replace the whole motherboard.

Did you find this article helpful? If you did, you can learn more about “How To Fix Laptop or Netbook Battery Charging Problem” by watching High Definition Laptop Repair Videos

Winston Badon is a tech blogger. He likes and loves to blog about PC and latest tech gadgets such iPad devices and its accessories. He also loves to help people fix their own PC and other latest tech gadgets in order for them to save bundles of cash.

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Bubble Film Machine

Three layers Bubble Film Machine KDPEG

bubble film machine

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1. This model can produce 2-3 layer bubble film.
2.  Suitable for a wide spectrum of material including
     LDPE , LLDPE and recycled PE.   
3. Bubble size from diameter of    6mm to    32mm,
    according to requirement.
4. Automatic winder optional, which could greatly
    improve production efficiency.

Main Technical Variables:






Main&minor Screw Dia.





Film width










Total power










Linear speed










Optional equipment:

1) Auto loader

2) Automatic change roller

3) Air shaft

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Picking No-Hassle Programs Of internet hacking

The fact from the matter is, the web page an individual landed on is really a fake website, developed to look exactly such as the real thing.  Visit The Site Right-click in the best-hand pane, select New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value.  Worse still, some of the best the global community discovers a vulnerability is following a hacker has discovered it and exploited it.  The cell phone user usually takes pictures and write notes to publish on the Internet using the Buddy – Way application, making it a fantastic program for travelers whose friends and family members desire to uncover where they’re and what they may be experiencing on his or her journey.  If your youngster comes with an i – Pod or even an i – Phone they must encourage the “lock” feature, which locks the unit until a four-digit code is entered.  Even within the United States, hackers exist far and wide.  As part from the hack and defacements, Anonymous released a amount of caricatures mocking the regime, including one depicting Kim Jong Un as being a pig.  
VPN services allow these lenders to be connected on servers that are positioned in other regions of the world, thus keeping their identity secured instead of accessible for hackers or government firewalls.  That concludes our Black – Berry tricks and tips guide.  You want your sidebar on the suitable just as one alternative from the left.  Today, with criminal hackers as sophisticated as they ever have been, wireless communications have reached a much higher risk.  As always, saving the ideal for last – I’d like to introduce Hack This Site.  In the battle for Internet freedom Anonymous hacked the U.  A stalker spoofing your Caller ID can look at voice mail, too.  
Access Blocked Sites with Feed Readers & URL Shorteners.  Configurable aim bones-changes the aiming one bot can perform.  For such adaptation, this approach continues to be brought for the domain of HTML more recently.  Would you care if someone else was watching the contents of your respective emails.  In addition to that particular when you can appear the actual battle that you simply are nearby the middle with the 1942 battlefield.  To begin, open your Blogger dashboard, and check out Layout > Edit HTML.  Let’s take a look at exactly what the Apple TV is and does, and just what it isn’t’.  Unsurprisingly, many of us spend an awful lot of time typing on our smartphone’s.  
There are dozens of numerous websites which can be offering unique bid auctions.  And inside process criminals are trying to whack us on the head and steal from us.  Majia had created a web-based trap door from his parents’ home.  Website administrators may also block a person if their IP address is in the set of countries that are not able to look at the content in a very webpage.  Granted, currently we’re on IE8 (and who knows how long they’ll choose updates and the like) nevertheless, you may encounter an issue where something should be used only for IE7.  They’re also fully customisable, and could be downloaded or designed in almost any way you wish.  One huge good thing about using VPN servers is the virtual IP address is generally undetectable, and by utilizing servers in The US or UK, you could get usage of restricted streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC i – Player and others.  
Wet shadows with alcohol, press into place, and let dry.  The competition downtown also showcases redevelopment that affords locals and visitors amenities that rival great cities everywhere.  Of course, you wont know how the server may be rendered vulnerable unless you next run a scan which may not be for another 3 months as well as 12 months.  Or wardrivers might be wireless hackers seeking to freeload off home Wi – Fi connections.  Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, i – Tunes, therefore forth are catering to the trend, and proving this model being quite successful.  From here you can copy and paste new websites in.  In this step, the code comes first and after that the break down.  So long as you have a reasonable chance to satisfy your goals, it does indeed not matter which specific method you employ.  

Get High Quality And Efficient Motors

Performance is very important when it comes to motorized and mechanical components. This is because most modern machines and equipment need to perform at optimum levels yet provide efficient service so as to better meet the needs of modern world. If your company or a project you are working on requires efficient, modern and high performance motors, then you should check out the various high torque motors for sale at Applimotion Inc.  Applimotion is a company that provides suitable engineering solutions to its clients in terms of efficient motors and all other motion transmission components. 

The company known as Applimotion focuses on more than just one design of mechanical machines and equipment. Here, customers may look for motors used in automation design, motors used in the design and production of medical devices, motors useful for optics as well as communications and those for automatic equipment. This means that all these different motors are highly specialized and hence high performing machinery used to provide good performance in the equipment they are used. Clients can seek customization if they need specific designs with enhancements here and there according to their preferences. 

Hollow shaft motor fabrication are excellent motors and are preferred in many modern applications because they help reduce the total weight as compared to motors with a solid shaft. Customization helps meet the needs of different customers and this is why Applimotion works with a team of experts to help them in the management of different designs and so on. Hollow shaft motor fabrication, for example, is just but one out of many designs that can be customized for customers should they need this. The website at is an informative resource that comes complete with images, useful content and even diagrams. Contact information is also available for interested clients seeking suitable motors for their applications. 

A The queen’s Position Kennel area Installation Organization What Your Searching For?

This Crown Point fence installation organization is among the only organizations in the Pond Region location which will assure their work for 10 years later on. They may be so good at performing The queen’s Point kennel area setups that customers are coming from the wood work to rent them for patio and fence setups. Barry Wright, the master, has much more than 10 years encounter in setting up walls equally commercial and residential. The fencing are gorgeous and scientifically layout with safety and beautification of houses in your mind.

This Crown Point fence installation organization does a recently available job in my property and closed over one acre of land from wild living coming from our hardwoods all around home. They were pretty listed and utilized superior machinery to professionally dig the divots and risk-free every publish with tangible. We heard about this Top Level fence business by way of a good friend from the family members which in fact had appointed these phones place a wrought straightener wall about their residence it turned out very well that the phrase was passed on to us. We needed fencing, not a new fencing simply a wall, our territory never had a single and we suffered from deer having our landscapes as well as creatures in our rubbish.

The job was done within 14 days and now we rarely even recognized that they are there, no sounds or troubles halted us from continuing our typical life and Rob individually presented us a whole lot. He do a significant career! I was suppressed to learn a Crown Position wall set up organization that’s reputable, specialist, and who will not go cheap is difficult to locate. Practically none of them assured their job for more than a year. The Wright Fence Organization includes a 120 month guarantee for all the fences installed up apart from solid wood fences. They make the perfect organization and you will employ them when you require a fence, you can make contact with Barry Wright at 219-781-0288.

Looking Ahead: SMB IT Trends for 2014

For hundreds of years, mankind has dreamed about the future; we’ve written books, we’ve made movies, and we’ve even engaged with those among us who have the ability to predict the future. There have been several notorious seers over the years but none more famous than the legendary Jeanne Dixon who was counsel to the stars and even a certain First Lady over 40 years ago. Reportedly, she was on the mark with predicting the assassinations of both John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, Martin Luther King and Gandhi. She also foresaw the launch of the first satellite Sputnik and the historic defeat of Dewey by Harry Truman. Another well-known seer was science fiction author Isaac Asimov who wrote about solar power, the rise of automated work tasks, and visual phone calls; all things we find commonplace now. Clairvoyance, as illustrated in the two examples above, is extremely rare, and while I am not a gifted seer, I certainly do have insight into SMB technology trends for 2014.

Before delving into my predictions for 2014, it’s wise to review the highlights from this past year. 2013 proved to be a year of social media, mobile technology adoption, cloud computing, virtualization, and collaboration solutions. These technologies trends were pretty much on par for what I was predicating back at the end of 2012, though the sheer volume of cloud adoption amongst the SMB community may have been a bit of a surprise.

While we will see a lot of the same technology trends in 2014 as we did in 2013, this coming year foresees increased technology expansion and adoption rates. The continued growth of cloud solutions will continue unabated, with more workloads moving off-site. At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this past July, CEO Steve Ballmer reiterated the company’s message as they are transitioning into a devices and services company. Nowhere will this be more evident than in the expansion of Windows Azure for the SMB marketplace. Azure was first introduced in 2009 as a suite of products in the cloud that allowed users to create enterprise-class applications without having to build out their own infrastructure.

To this point, the majority of workloads and solutions leveraging the Azure fabric were products of the enterprise community. However, Microsoft envisioned the power of Azure in the SMB space and is crafting offerings to make that happen. Some of those applications will be around something called big data, which I will explore further later.

Other cloud applications that will continue to rise include off-site backups, business continuity, disaster recovery, and managed security. While backups have been on the rise for a few years now, there are still fewer than one in ten small to mid-sized businesses that utilize a remote backup or backup-as-a-service solution. VSR Magazine states that according to the “2013 State of Cloud Backup” study commissioned by Intronis, “A large percentage of SMBs do not purchase backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions from their IT service providers until after they have experienced a data disaster.” (VSR Magazine, 2013) The chances of a small to mid-sized business recovering from a catastrophic data loss is not good, and in fact, within two years after the loss more than 50% will have gone out of business if they didn’t close their doors immediately after. So the continued push to grow cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions will be steady along with related solutions like cold standby domain controllers and off-site virtualized cold servers.

When it comes to actual data generated by SMBs, the need for storage required to archive it has exploded. According to the SMB Group, “(of the) 2.5 quintillion bytes of data (already created), 90% of it has been generated in the last two years alone.” (SMB Group, 2013) All of this data is not only held onsite, but in large repositories in the cloud. This point dovetails nicely into my next point of big data and predictive analytics which has historically been limited to large enterprises. However, in 2014 there is expectation that the need to drill into this mountain of information will filter down into the SMB space. The SMB Group goes on to explain that finding usable data among the mounds of information that encompass big data is like finding a needle in a haystack. Consider all of the disparate types of data being moved into cyberspace: photos on Instagram, videos on YouTube, tweets on Twitter, e-receipts from POS applications, and much more.

SMBs have shied away from the thought of big data analysis because of the sheer volume of information, but there will be tools and specialized partners who will be more visible and available to help navigate that massive sea of information. According to a blog post by Brock Clauser, “By analyzing an enormous amount of data in real time, organization will become quicker to make decisions on competition, internal efficiencies and customer insight.” (Clauser, 2013) You may have noticed on some social media sites that the advertisements along the sides are often something you may have looked for in the past. These ads are no accident rather the work of predictive analytics of big data you have unknowingly provided via the public Internet. The SMB community, likely retail outfits initially, will be leverage big data and predicative analytics to better understand what their customers want and expect from them. Using that same thinking it’s easy to see how business of all types will benefit from usable information delivered via big data predicative analytics.

Mobility should continue to be a hot topic as well especially around BYOD (bring your own device). There are still some major potential pitfalls to the growing trend of letting workers use their personal devices for work. The rate of intrusion into the company network through these devices has been rising, and the data loss from lost or stolen devices continues to be an issue. There will be an ongoing push to secure any device with access to the network via data protection and if necessary data destruction. According to IT Business Edge, “Through 2014, employee-owned devices will be compromised by malware at more than double the rate of corporate-owned devices.” (IT Business Edge, 2013) The addition of a management tool, whether onsite or in the cloud, is necessary and will make the difference between a crippling breach and smooth sailing.

Another technology trend I will be following closely through 2014 is the demise of the PC. Personally, I don’t believe that desktops and laptops will disappear from the business or personal landscape like the dinosaurs who once roamed the earth. That being said, the way we use, share and access information is ever evolving. 2013 was the year of the cloud, and public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds were everywhere. Well, for 2014 we’re now talking about personal clouds which is basically the ability to have information and applications in one central repository and accessible from a variety of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. While the idea of the personal cloud is not yet widespread, there is a segment of the SMB community that wants to remain lean and agile and the personal cloud concept will likely help them do that.

One final topic I’d like to touch on is the increased focus on security and forensics. I attended a Cyber-Security forum in mid-November sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. The keynote speaker, IBM Chief Privacy Officer Christina Peters told the audience, “Security and privacy go hand in hand. You can’t be secure without considering privacy.” More and more incursions are happening to small entities as well as large ones. In fact, there are many attackers with bad intent that are specifically targeting the SMB in order to gain access to their much-larger vendors and suppliers. So the focus on being safe and secure is going to continue to increase. With the news of insider misdeeds, having the ability to detect and contain threats from the human side will continue to rise. Specific firms are more suited to this work, such as Evestigations of Malvern, PA, stocked with certified security specialists and forensic analysts. They may not be someone the typical SMB would have on speed dial, but would be invaluable once something goes awry!

Mine is only one opinion as to what will be on the SMB radar in 2014. Heaven knows there will be other things that appear, with the constant acceleration of technology innovation. Will it be so “sci-fi” as to give us teleportation devices or flying cars? Maybe not in the short term, but I will never rule anything out. Maybe some of those Hollywood blockbusters might not look so far-fetched after all!

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